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ISSN 2319-4979

Aims & Scope

VIIRJ is a Quarterly international journal publishing the quality original research paper through a Peer and Editorial Reviewed process. VIIRJ accepts the research paper in all fields of science and technology, Arts & Humanities and Commerce & Management on the basis of its originality, utility, importance, current science coverage. VIIRJ providing all the content of available here as a Open Access platform.

Mission & Goal

Vidyabharati International Interdisciplinary Research Journal is a Interdisciplinary Research Journal. It is a matter of great pleasure for us to launch this online open access Vidyabharati International Interdisciplinary Research Journal and bring forth the first issue of the journal. The journal is Open Access, Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal. The objective to start the journal is to cater the need of publishing the research work of the faculty members and young researchers of the ambient area. Faculty members and the young researchers have been facing difficulties in getting their research work published in the journals which is the need of the hour. Our research team agreed to publish online interdisciplinary research journal which will not only fulfil our wish but will give it a global approach. This journal desires to serve the publishing research work of million research work around the globe at minimum processing fees which is a main concern of the young and needy researchers. We hope this journal will fulfil the desire of the researchers. We welcome suggestions and criticism from our viewers which will be helpful to us in improving this journal.

Open Access
The journal was started as Peer and Editorial Reviewed Open Access journal in 2012. All publications are available as Open Access without any charges.






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